Trauma Therapy

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Trauma therapy assists you if you have experienced trauma, which can range from serious injuries and violence to chronic abuse and neglect. Get help in coping with the emotional impact caused by a traumatic event. 

depressed man with PTSD holding head in despair on a couch
very sad, emotionally desperate woman sitting on Santa Monica beach cradling her head
abused woman isolating on the floor extremely stressed and unable to cope

Get help to cope with your trauma-related distress:

Numbness or difficulty feeling any strong emotions

Loss of your identity or a sense of who you are

Scared or panicked





Unsure of what you need or want
Hypervigilance – which is when you are very alert and aware of your surroundings because you feel something bad might happen
Shock or horror
Together we will address the psychological, social, physical,
occupational, and financial effects of your trauma
Neglect and psychological, physical, or sexual abuse

Domestic abuse or violence


Serious accidents, injuries, life-threatening illness

Sudden or violent loss of a loved one

Bullying, racism, or crime

Witnessing an accident, death, or traumatic situation
Natural disasters, terrorism, and community and school violence
Military family-related stressors, such as parental deployment, loss, or injury

Types of Trauma Therapy:

Prolonged Exposure (PE): Gradual exposure to the trauma source until fear diminishes.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT): Challenges distorted beliefs related to the traumatic event.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT): For children and adolescents, addressing inaccurate beliefs and behaviors.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): Uses bilateral stimulation to release blocked emotions.


upset woman with PTSD trauma

50 minutes


Restores your daily life functioning and emotional well-being


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Don’t hesitate; trauma therapy is essential for those struggling with trauma’s effects

Client Reviews

“Through our sessions, Aaron has helped me navigate challenging emotions and provided valuable tools for self-care. His expertise truly made a difference in my life.”

Tony K., Pacific Palisades

“Communication is key, and Aaron excels in this area. He actively listens, asks thought-provoking questions, and provides actionable insights. His ability to translate complex emotions into manageable steps is commendable.”
Rick A., Mid-City

“From the moment I began therapy, Aaron’s unwavering support and guidance transformed my mental health. His impact has been profound, leading to significant improvements in my well-being.”
Emily T., Culver City