Sex Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Groups

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MA, LMFT and former Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Aaron specializes in providing confidential and personalized services to individuals and couples facing sexual challenges. Whether you’re dealing with intimacy problems, erectile dysfunction, infidelity, or any other sexual issue, the goal is to help you overcome these obstacles and achieve a more fulfilling sex life. With Aaron’s expertise in addressing underlying psychological and emotional factors, he provides a supportive and educational environment for growth and healing.

Straight, biracial couple in bed, frustrated with sexual dysfuncion
Man and womone in bed, sexting and cheating on his phone
man with porn addiction online

Receive supportive, educational, non-judgemental,
non-shaming therapy for your sexual well-being

Get help with sexual challenges / compulsions:

Lack of interest, confidence, or response to sexual stimuli

Intimacy, self esteem, shame/guilt, trust issues

Chronic affairs and infidelity

Serial monogamist and codependency relationships

Chronic affairs and infidelity

Trauma bonding

Love addiction

Love avoidance

Sex addiction

Sexual anorexia

Hypersexual behavior / OCSB (out of control sexual behavior)

Compulsive masturbation

Inability to reach orgasm or control sexual behavior

Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

Polyamory and consensual non-monogamy

LGBTQIA2S+ alternate lifestyle challenges
• Gender identity/gender dysphoria
• Sexuality/sexual orientation

Distressing sexual behaviors, thoughts and beliefs



Erectile dysfunction, low libido, and premature ejaculation

Anonymous sex and online hook-ups

Hiring sex workers and escorts

Pornography addiction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, and premature ejaculation

Visiting adult book /video stores and theaters

Visiting strip clubs and massage parlors


Discuss your experiences, feelings, and concerns.

Focus includes promoting sexual integration, personal integrity, healthy communication, and overall balance and well-being.

Learn better understanding of oneself and your partner(s).

Understand the source of any trauma driving your behavior / addictions / compulsions.

Deconstruct your distorted thoughts and replace them with a healthier belief system.

Understand any shame and guilt that keeps you out of your integrity.

If physical concerns are suspected, Aaron may refer you to a medical doctor in a joint effort to identify any physical issues contributing to sexual problems.

Develop coping mechanisms and strategies to enhance sexual functioning, improve intimacy, improve your sexual satisfaction, healthier sexual relationships and responses and to control any complusions you may have.


Man on online talk therapy session with sex therapist

1 on 1

If sexual dysfunction affects your quality of life, sex therapy can lead to better understanding of oneself and your partner(s), improve intimacy, and gain healthier sexual relationships.


50 minutes


couples counseling online, gay couple on a laptop


Aaron trained on the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model (MPTM) allowing him to provide the type of treatment partners need in the face of their spouse’s sexual addiction or serial infidelity.


50 minutes

$300 Per Couple

Mens group sex therapy session online via Zoom

Men’s intimacy, sex & relationships group

To join group you need to meet with Aaron for several 1-on-1 sessions to determine your suitability / appropriateness and to stabilize you, if needed. Group members commit to a minimum amount of time, usually 1 year.

2 hours 

$95 per person

8 people max. Held weekly


Call/email to schedule a FREE 15-minute Zoom consultation

Take the first step towards a healthier and happier sexual journey by reaching out to us today

Improve intimacy and achieve a more fulfilling sex life

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Lesbian couple with healthy sex life after seeing a sex therapist online and in WEHO
gay men sex positive therapy sessions helped overcome challenges in the bedroom

Happy Client Reviews

“Aaron’s fee is a little higher than I was used to paying, but he’s well worth it!”

Mark M., Los Angeles

“I was out of control with sex and totally obsessing over my affair partner. Aaron never shamed me. He helped me stop what I was doing and live more honestly. I also figured out why I was obsessing and stopped that, too.”
Dave M., West Hollywood

“Working with Aaron has been transformative. His nonjudgmental demeanor allowed me to explore sensitive topics openly. He skillfully guided me through intimacy challenges, helping me reclaim pleasure and confidence.”

Jill R., Brentwood